Drug Rehab Service List

Admission into one of Support Systems Homes' affordable alcohol and drug rehab programs is as simple as calling our toll-free number. We’ll find the right level of care to meet your needs, and guide you through the intake process.

Give us a call today at (800) 811-1800. We have staff ready to assist you 24/7!


Are you desperate to stop using alcohol and other drugs, but afraid of withdrawal symptoms?

Safe, medically supervised Detoxification takes place at Support Systems Homes Residential Treatment Facilities in the Bay Area.

Detoxification is designed to support clients during withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs and usually lasts from 3-7 days. Detox clients are monitored by qualified, experienced staff 24 hours a day.

A physician with extensive experience in addiction completes a detailed medical history and health examination for each client, and prescribes any necessary detox medications. During the detox period, we make every effort to engage the client in appropriate treatment and make their withdrawal from alcohol and drugs as comfortable as possible.

Detox from Alcohol
Detox from Opiates
Subutex/Suboxone Treatment for Detox

Residential Treatment

"Residential Treatment" at Support Systems Homes is just like it sounds. You stay at one of our residential drug/alcohol treatment centers for the course of your rehab program.

This method of rehabilitation offers support and structure. The length of your stay is determined by your individual treatment plan. Our expert clinical and counseling staff will provide the services necessary to help you achieve long-term recovery from your addiction.

Is Residential Treatment Right for Me?
The Goal
What’s Involved in Residential Treatment

Day Treatment

For those who require slightly less structure than a "live in" program, Day Treatment is a convenient option. Day Treatment clients attend groups during the day, at one of our treatment facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Day Treatment clients follow the same schedule as residential clients. However, they’re free to return home at the end of the day. This treatment modality provides structure and support while helping you integrate back into your daily life.

In addition, we can also provide day treatment at one of our facilities combined with sober living. In this case, you’d attend treatment groups during the day, and go home to one of our sober living environments. At our sober living homes, residents safely experience the transition from higher levels of care back into the community and day-to-day life with other individuals doing the same.

What's Involved in Day Treatment

Outpatient Care

Have you finished residential rehab, but feel like you could use more support?
Or maybe you're looking for a treatment program that fits with your work or school schedule?

Support Systems Homes offers Outpatient Treatment at convenient locations in San Jose. Hours are flexible - daytime or nighttime - to fit your needs.

The ultimate goal of our outpatient treatment program is long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol. We help you achieve it via educating and treatment, so you can may re-enter society and lead a responsible, successful drug- and alcohol-free life.

Who Should Choose Outpatient Treatment?
Services Available with Outpatient Treatment

Sober Living Environments

Sober living plays a critical role in the process of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Support Systems Homes has numerous Sober Living/Transitional Housing Units throughout Santa Clara County, which provide clean, safe, drug-free living environments. This extensive network helps clients transition from residential treatment or day treatment into a sober, happy life.

What's Involved with Sober Living
Additional Services for Sober Living Clients

Preventing Relapse

Are you unable to get the obsession to use alcohol or other drugs out of your mind? Have you used again? These are common occurrences many in recovery have faced.

Before you relapse, call us. Support Systems Homes’ Relapse Prevention Program can help you get back on the right track!

Warning Signs
SSH Relapse Prevention Program

Life-Long Recovery: Aftercare and Education Programs

The recovery process does not end when an individual completes our drug treatment programs. Continuing support is the key to a healthy recovery from addiction. Treatment is just the beginning of a lifelong process of growth and recovery in all areas of life affected by drug addiction/alcoholism.

These are the Life-Long Recovery options available to you at Support Systems Homes.

Lifetime Aftercare
Family Education Program
SSH Alumni Association


Support Systems Homes makes a concerted effort to provide treatment of the highest quality for the most affordable rates in the industry.

We provide customized programs and payment plans to meet the needs of our clients. Please call 1-800-811-1800 for more information regarding program costs, payment plans, and availability.

Paying for Treatment - What's Accepted
Insurance Information

If it's time for you to get help with an addiction, call our California treatment center at 800-811-1800. If you’re local to the Bay Area, call our San Jose number at 408-370-9688.

Support Systems Homes serves the Cities of Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Milpitas, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Leandro, and San Francisco, as well as Santa Clara County, Alameda County, San Mateo County and the Greater Bay Area of Northern California.